I’m feeling lucky

Just a few months ago I never would have thought I’d work on anything other than Newspeak for the foreseeable future. Working with Gilad, Peter, and others was a fantastic experience, and building a programming platform almost from scratch without political and marketing baggage attached was not a job you find every day on monster.com. But it turns out sometimes the foreseeable future runs out sooner than you expect.

The end of full-time Newspeak work is a sad thing, but I’m not writing this to cry over spilt milk. They say new beginnings bring new opportunities, and this is how I want to look at it. I have just finished my first week working for Google.

7 thoughts to “I’m feeling lucky”

  1. Luck has nothing to do with it. The do-no-evil empire is lucky to have you. Working with you was one of the highlights of my professional life. I hope to have another chance some day. All the best!

  2. Vassili, I’d also like to congratulate you and thank for all you did for Smalltalk! Let me mention just the Announcements, which are now slowly becoming the standard event mechanism in more and more Smalltalks then your wonderful look&feel work on VisualWorks tools, to the latest UI for Newspeak, which is becoming an inspiration for my web related work as well.

    Thanks Vassili and brings us some more such goodies from work at Google as well!

    Secret question: will Google now go Smalltalk? ;)

  3. Vassili, congratulations! Please drop me email when you will have a minute. It would be great to have lunch together or meet for other occasion some day.

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