Hopscotch presentation video from lang.net

Gilad gave a talk about Hopscotch last week at lang.net 09. In his blog post about it he modestly speaks in detail only about the talks of others, but since his is the first properly recorded demo of Hopscotch available online, I want to specially mention it here. It features the latest and the greatest version of the tools, so it’s even better than what could be seen at Smalltalk Solutions, WASDeTT and ECOOP last year.

Update: A non-Silverlight (WMV) version is available here.

Newspeak/Hopscotch Twitter Client

Luis Diego Fallas has implemented a Twitter client using Newspeak and Hopscotch. Even after doing as much work in Hopscotch as I did, I’m very impressed to see a “real” program and not a developer tool within the familiar window. Thanks, Luis!